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My Mom has been scanning pictures from old photo albums onto facebook recently and it got me thinking about cameras from back in the 50's.  So I googled to find out what cameras were used back then.  A few clicks later and I was reading about the Leica M3, which by many professional opinions is still the best 35mm camera even today.  It's still used and still sold on ebay.  A few clicks later and I was reading all about Henri-Cartier Bresson, who pioneered photo journalism.  He would carry around his Leica M3 with him everywhere, never use flash, and even taped over shiny parts of his camera so as not to attract attention.  He was all about capturing the moment, in the moment, and having that record for all to see.  A few click later and I'm looking at the work of many a photographic genius, all compiled together in Magnum Photographer, which was founded in part by Henri Cartier-Bresson.

After all this beautiful work on the art of reality.  Well, I went ahead and captured a few tiny moments of my own.  I started off in color and with flash, but then I had a change of heart and switched to only black and white and a different lens.

20120129 7959

20120129 7960

20120129 7968

20120129 7967

20120129 13338

I used only manual focus so my autofocus light wouldn't flash and distract them and so I could snap faster.  I stuck with my 50mm until the end, then I used the wide angle to get a few shots.  I sat on the wall and didn't interfere with them at all, and eventually they forgot I was there.  I know they forgot because at one point they heard Daddy coming and immediately stopped climbing all over the bed and throwing things.  One may argue this as irresponsible parenting, but I see it as allowing a little craziness to let the fun come pouring in.

20120129 7944

20120129 7943

January 29th - 20120129 7945

20120129 7949

20120129 7953

20120129 7952

20120129 7938

20120129 7930

20120129 7926

All we were doing was playing with blocks, but it's the little things :)

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