Grandpa and Grandma N.

The entire time we were in Kansas it was ridiculously hot so we didn't do too much outdoors.  The first day we arrived was one of the hottest, in fact.  Grandpa got out all his vintage game systems and let the boys (Josh included) play the original pacman (among others).  They were in heaven :)

2012-06-20 001

We caught up on news and watched a couple movies, enjoyed a fabulous pork roast and brownies, got all nestled in (AC is awesome haha).  The next morning we got a little more motivated, but it was still stinkin' hot and humid.  We took a short trip to the park down the road after breakfast.  It was the same park we enjoyed during Josh's reunion picnic back in October, but they made a lot of improvements.  It was nice to see!  

2012-06-21 017

2012-06-21 019

When we got back Grandpa fired up the remote control cars and we camped out in the shade of the driveway.  The kids went wild!

2012-06-21 001

2012-06-21 013

Sally and I stayed inside (cuz we're smart like that haha).  We made plans to meet a few people out at High Noon for some dinner and karaoke.  It was AWESOME!  Thanks Gma and Gpa for keeping the kids home so we could stay out late :)  I still haven't gotten up to sing my own song at karaoke, but I sing very very loudly at the table... does that count? ;)

2012-06-21 021

The next day we saw Brave (opening day)!!  If you haven't seen it yet, you should.  It was really well done and a wonderful story.  The kids were captivated the whole time, as were we.  Like every good Disney movie it made me shed a few tears.  All the boys went to the local racetrack to see some real race cars.  While Mom and I had our date.  I heard the boys had a pretty fun time, but Brennan was due for a nap and didn't last very long so they came back early.  Mom and I talked for 4 hours and drank coffee... exactly what we both wanted :)  We all stayed up late watching a movie.  It was a good day.

Our last day I did a lot of laundry and we ran to the store to pick up a few last minute road trip items.  We were about to drive all the way back to Ohio.  We had plans to make, hotels to book, a car to clean, re-packing to do.  We got out for a bit and took the kids to a big park for a walk.  The path wasn't very long, but it was enough to get some energy out.

2012-06-23 002

The boys all got to help Grandma make the dipping sauces for our delicious wing dinner.  She also gave them tons of new books.  Noah is thrilled with his science and human body encyclopedias.  They read the section on the digestive system all the time because they love hearing about poop (boys ::sigh::).  The grown ups watched "Crazy Stupid Love" (hilarious!) and then we all went to bed.  It was a nice last day.  We beat the heat, spent time with each other, and relaxed before the long haul ahead.

We had a great visit.  It was fun, but very relaxing.  It was fabulous seeing you guys again!  We left early the next morning for Saint Louis, MO.


Sassyfrass said…
Love "Crazy Stupid Love!" and love your travelogue! We're tagging along next time ;)

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