Painting and Hanging

After I got back from Ohio I was feeling exceptionally motivated.  I took it upon myself to extend the backyard fence to include more of the woods (and the clubhouse).  The dogs were thrilled!  They use the clubhouse as a dog house now and the boys think that's the coolest thing ever.

20121023 9366

I also insisted we finally hang the gate on it so we can get in and out, now that the kids have places to play with the dogs.

20121026 9338

Finally, we bought paint we've been holding off on since we moved in to turn our house into more of a home.  The light green dining room is not a dark slate gray, and the photos I finally hung up really pop on those dark walls.

20121025 9361
20121025 9363

I hung up most of the other photos as well and took on a grand photo project for the guest bedroom.  So far I have 20 black & white photos with a pop of red in black frames (which I had to paint).  They're going to be kind of like a filmstrip in the guest bedroom.  Pretty sure once we get it all finished I'm going to want to stay there myself :)

20121022 9373
20121022 9372

Of note, we had a friendly little kitty from the neighborhood pop over for a visit this morning.  The pictures speak for themselves!  I might just have to change my facebook cover photo yet again.


Sassyfrass said…
The house looks great and I love those pictures of Brennan!

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