Easter 2010

We had a nice laid back Easter this year. They don't do Easter baskets here so the kids were out of luck. Noah was the only one who even remembered and asked where the baskets were. He soon forgot his disappointment when he saw that we still had Easter eggs! What a challenge!! We weren't able to get to a butcher, which are the only places white eggs are available, so we went on with brown eggs. Our choice of egg dye was plain old food coloring. They didn't turn out nearly as bold and beautiful as we may have wanted, but they were still pretty!

Once Tristan and Brennan were napping we hid the eggs for Noah... and then for us... and then for Tristan... and then for us again. We had a good time. Big kids + Easter eggs = fun! Tom was cracking up because Noah was finding more eggs than him... although he did help hide them so that may have contributed. We even made Sergio and Laura find eggs when they arrived, after sundown. We were kind enough to provide flashlights ;)

I was able to get a quick photo shoot of the boys. Adriana wanted some taken with them as well and they turned out pretty good I think. Next time NO DIRECT SUNLIGHT. I tried to get us in the shade, but I missed the mark a bit. Oh well, they're still adorable :)

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