Though our upper 60's may pale in comparison to the random upper 70's and 80's heat wave you are having on the east coast, we've been quite pleased with it. The wind is still cold at times, but we're expecting it to heat up any day now! They say Spain is 6 months of winter and 6 months of hell (6 meses del invierno, 6 meses del infierno)... guess we're still in purgatory, awaiting a verdict ;)

We've been getting out a whole lot more on the few random days it's warm and sunny. These days are getting closer together and warmer. I even busted out the baby pool and some sports equipment. We have a soccer field by our house so we brought the boys over so they could finally use the baseball bat rather than gazing at it longingly from a distance haha. You can tell by this dirty face they've been having a good time this week :)

Brennan has a bit of a cold right now and it makes me feel guilty. He stopped nursing 5 days ago and now he's suddenly sick... coincidence? I doubt it :/ I keep telling myself it's not my fault. I am in absolutely no physical pain at all which means there was no demand, hence no backed-up supply. Still feel a little sad about it. Last night I had to hold him in our chair because he was miserable and didn't want to sleep in his crib all alone. I guess he misses it too. He's a happy boy still... just has a runny nose and watery eyes now. Tristan does too... and Josh. YAY! :P lol

I took some videos that I will try to upload soon. Noah was telling me all about what a normal day at school is for him. It's a little long (if you know Noah this shouldn't surprise you). When I'm ready to sacrifice my MAC for a full 12+ hours to upload, I will :) Probably tonight, which will be around dinner time for most of you.

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