Hello Again!

I haven't been blogging on here lately because, frankly, I have very little to say that is appropriate for this blog. This is where I update about the boys and tell of our adventures in Spain, not where I bare my eternal soul ;) Actually, everything is going so well right now!!! The 100 day challenge I am in has done so much more for me than just help me get into shape. The emotional well-being challenges are doing wonders... and it's only the 2nd week.

SparkPeople is a place where I can go and blog about my struggles, my challenges, my victories, MYSELF and not say a word about my kids. We Mommies all do that on there. It's a magical place... it's not often you can get with a group of Moms and not mention baby milestones, husbands, sales at walmart... it's been such a great experience so far. I am going to be sad when the 100 days are over. I don't think we realize how much our lives revolve around everyone else. Well, that's what the 100 day challenge has been about... US. So, sorry I've been aloof, I've been all about me on my off time and that depletes all my facebooking and blogging minutes. Which, in my opinion, is fabulous! :)

20110326 5753

But anyways... the boys are all doing really well. Noah's a math and spelling whiz so we know he is in fact related to BOTH of us despite his "Josh clone" appearance. He loves spelling words at the dinner table. He played real actual scrabble with us over the weekend and scored himself 69 points!! We're going to have a lot of fun tomorrow playing our NEW scrabble-like game Grandma H sent. We are a family obsessed with word games and it's so awesome to me that our Noah Boah is old enough to play! His new favorite games are chess, sudoku, and wii Star Wars (which he wins every time).

20110401 5775

20110326 5751

He's a great kid, really enjoying baseball and pretty darn good at it. Josh is an assistant coach for his team now so Noah's paying much better attention ;) Josh and I agree his energy level is better suited for soccer. Next year! Noah always has a story about school (though it's mostly about who on the bus was playing a DS and which game it was). I always point out to him that they have DS's because they don't have cool little brothers to play with and they get bored and lonely. He's not buying it haha.

20110402 5767

20110327 5749

Tristan is closer to pooping on the potty. He loves to recite to me the following, which apparently means nothing to him: "Big boys don't poop in a diaper, they poop on the potty. If I don't poop on the potty I can't go to school like Noah. It's really yucky... ewww... it's stinky and gross". I wonder where he heard that from?! He had a few successes over the weekend and is not wearing a diaper to bed or during nap time (and only wet the bed the first night).

20110401 5773

Tristan officially knows all his colors, shapes, ABC's, and how to count to 20. He doesn't recognize all his letters and numbers yet, but I think he's doing awesome. He's a much better talker than Noah was at this age so I am already impressed with his mad skillz. He cracks me up!! He is just the cutest little boy and he takes full advantage of that. Blonde baby hair, dark brown eyes, dark eyebrows, crooked teeth and a little smirk... he melts me. Then there's "Tristan Tantrum" setting, which is not cute at all lol. Getting better every day. He's just a really emotional guy and we're working on expressing that in more constructive ways (which are less loud, obnoxious, ear-piercing, and infantile). Talking talking talking. Using our words. So yes, Tristan is great.

20110326 5757

Tristan LOVES playing outside. He flips over every rock to find worms and pill bugs, which he then places on his arms so he can get tickled. He's teaching Brennan all his cool bug-hunting tricks.

20110326 5755

Brennan... oh my baby boy Brennan. He is such a hard-headed toddler, but super cute so it isn't very noticeable. He is really into imitating us right now so I have Josh's teeny tiny clone running around telling me all sorts of fun things. Some of my favorites to hear out of a baby mouth that send me reeling with laughter when I should probably be snappy and mad: "I don't like you! Get out of my life!! (Noah started this one, no idea where it came from, but I am betting a movie) NO 'MACKING, CHICHIN!! (no smacking, Tristan).

20110325 8679

Bren's new thing is going around the room and pointing at every person and saying their names. Mommy, Daddy, Chichin, Oah, Bosee, Chaee, Bennan, Tom (Tom comes over a lot so he gets named even when he's not around). This phase of toddlerhood is my all-time favorite. The beginning of independence before it becomes cumbersome, the beginning of talking before it becomes snarky. Nothing but fun times. I still get giddy when I hear him say please, thank you, bless you, you're welcome... he's just such a little doll!

20110325 5762

20110402 5769

I took a video of him being his little adorable self, but it just made me want to take more videos... better videos. He counts to 10, recognizes some colors, and sings his ABC's. He also goes up to trees, pulls down his pants, and leans in like the big boys then proudly proclaims "I PEE!"... how stinkin' cute is that?! I guess he's ready for potty training, and maybe that will put some pressure on Tristan? Hmmmm... we shall see.

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