Happy 7th Birthday Noah

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It's hard to believe that seven years have passed since I was taken to the hospital in San Antonio to deliver our first baby boy. It was a long and difficult labor... I was terrified. He came out and turned Daddy white with fear when he wasn't breathing the first 7 minutes of his new life on the outside. That labor and delivery was a piece of cake compared to life with baby Oah, toddler Noah-Boah, and now big kid Noah.

August 22nd, 2005

16Nov 006

He was our first. We made the most mistakes with him. We suffered a three year separation during his first years of life and because of the stress, I'm sure his infancy was less than perfect.

2007- 22Aug 013

2008- 05Feb 012

But, look at him now! Noah is the sweetest boy to everyone. He reads people well and only wants to be loved. He's an amazing, patient, lovable big brother. He's extremely smart and not competitive (no idea how that happened given his parents). He's compassionate and hard-working. He's also stubborn and slightly OCD, but I think that will be beneficial to him later on. We love you Noah!

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