One Fine Tuesday

Tuesday was a great day. The weather was amazing. I got a great workout, ate delicious food, stayed away from the net, and played with my kids. I haven't played in a long time. Josh was busy getting his car PC installed so he had to sit out this playtime.

20110824 11202

We brought the big blocks outside and built a kitchen and then it just took off from there. We scoured the yard for bark and leaves and berries and other great "food" items and created some delicious dishes :)

20110824 11192

Brennan and Tristan insisted on crawling through the counters like they were tunnels (much to Noah's dismay since he was the chef). There was a decent amount of fighting. Finally Noah gave up and allowed a remodel.

20110824 11196

Noah built everyone a toilet. Tristan and Brennan found this marvelously entertaining, especially after Tristan had the idea to really pull his pants down before planting his hiney.

20110824 11211

20110824 11213

They climbed the walls (like Spiderman).

20110824 11206

They tumbled.

20110824 11203

They teased each other.

20110824 11227

They rode the trike.

20110824 11241

They scratched Charlie's belly.

20110824 11239

They hung onto my legs and laughed when I tried to lift them and walk.

20110824 11223

20110824 11244

We made a clubhouse so Tris and Bren would leave Noah's new kitchen (complete with microwave and oven with shelves) alone. Noah served them meals.

20110824 11249

Then Noah did a cooking show for us. He made "The World's Best Pork", "The World's Best Steak", and "The World's Best Chicken Soup". I am going to upload at least one of the videos soon! Ahhh my precious boys :)

20110824 11255

20110823 11179

20110824 11243

I've been taking more photos. I think the cooler temperatures get my creativity going.

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