Spring Break

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The week leading up to spring break was fabulous.  We had sunshine and glorious mid-sixties temperatures.  The day spring break began, that all stopped.  As we all know, it takes rain for things to grow!!  I was worried everything was going to be dead this year following such a dry winter.  However, during spring break?!

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Non-stop rain and even snow until Easter Sunday (the last day of spring break... of course!).  We made do.  We watched a lot of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.  The boys were given full reign of the house basically.  I knew by the following week we'd be doing some hardcore cleaning and Josh would still be home so it didn't bother me.

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By Saturday it was time to decorate cookies and eggs, which is always an "inside" event anyway.  We had more than enough cookies and icing, and more than enough eggs to go around this time.

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Tristan didn't want to get his mitts dirty so he gave Josh orders on what to do with his eggs (he did this last year too).

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20120407 8538

Apparently getting icing on your fingers isn't nearly as awful as food coloring... gee I wonder why!

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Josh and I found the coolest boy toys ever at Carrefour: foam swords.  They aren't your normal nerf foam though, they're very sturdy (which means they hurt more, but last longer) and they look awesome!  They were a big hit with everyone.  Literally.  Everyone got hit all day.  We also got a lot of chocolate and some Spiderman bubble bath that makes them all smell like blueberry muffins... manly muffins.

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There was one big basket for all of them and 3 little baskets as well.  Gpa and Gma B had shipped over a lot of fun Easter stuff and that was primarily what went into the little baskets.  We don't do the Easter Bunny thing so the boys all knew who everything was from and are very happy with all their new toys!

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We hid eggs at least three times.  They hid them at least 4 more.  We lost about a dozen in the process, mostly due to Brennan's picking and throwing skills.

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The boys played outside all day long.  It wasn't difficult to convince them to do so considering they'd been stuck in the house for a week.  Josh and I cooked the best Easter dinner thus far: roast leg of lamb with mint jelly, Hassenpfeffer (German rabbit), stuffing with candied bacon and cranberries, & peppered asparagus.  It was all insanely delicious.

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We didn't get to take the trip we had wanted, but we got a lot done with the house and are continuing to do so.  The dogs are all ready to go now.  We threw out tons of trash.  We're limiting ourselves to one one hour of internet a day and no TV until after the kids go to bed.  So... my hour is up :)  I'll be updating again soon!
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