Super Dooper Pooper! haha

20120417 8590

Since we've been mostly home we thought we'd give potty training another shot (after a couple weeks of psychological warfare).  SOLD!  Brennan's going on his own now all the time.  He still has accidents, but not very often.  We didn't have to intervene much.  I just told him if he wanted to wear diapers like a baby, I'd have to treat him like a baby in every other way: no more helping, pressing buttons, getting dressed, feeding the dog, feeding himself.  He likes being a big boy so that's all it took.  Kids with OCD take a long time to knock out of a routine... so, while it may seem like it'd be confusing to go back & forth like we did, it's actually a way of relieving stress from a highly routined OCD child.  I wish I would have done it this way with Tristan instead of the "never look back" way.  All our boys are routined little obsessive compulsive children.  They're a different breed.

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