Celebration of Learning

The boys and I went over to Noah's school for a little hands-on learning fun.  Noah was our teacher as we took a look at all the things they have been learning this year.

2012-06-06 004

In 2nd grade they have already introduced multiplication and division and they're sure to include these lessons in many ways: word problems, manipulatives, and the simple text version I remember.  They have also begun to introduce practical application with fractions.  Tristan did some geometry and found a sphere!

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In social studies we learned all about Native Americans.  We saw the Aztec calendar.  Did you know it only has 20 days?  We also got to see the paper model of Tenochitlan the kids made, the original Mexico City, built by the Aztecs.

2012-06-06 002

We read Noah's fascinating tale about planting 10 cents that grew into a money tree!  I cannot wait to read the rest of his stories.  Noah has apparently already learned how to use Microsoft Power Point too, which is so very "Army" haha.

2012-06-06 012

We saw the class silkworms, nestled in their cocoons and learned the other stages of their development.  We also got a lesson on the life cycle of water.

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2012-06-06 007

The boys all got to find Spanish-speaking countries and help Noah put animal stickers in his workbook at Spanish class.

2012-06-06 022
2012-06-06 027

Lastly we were treated to a slideshow of photos and fabulous music :)

2012-06-06 020

I hope his next school is as fun and challenging as the American School of Madrid has been.  We were very lucky to be able to have Noah begin his schooling at such a fine institution.  He will take the lessons he's learned here with him and apply them to the rest of his educational "career".

On the business side of things we closed our bank account and got most of Josh's paperwork completed today.  Tomorrow's items of business: canceling the cells and trying to get the kids medical records out of the hospital.  If not, no biggie.  I have all their updated shot records and that's really all they need for school. I think we'll be successful.

It was a good day.  So good we had ice cream afterwards!  The kids had a lot of fun on the metro ride back home, which is good because it was 3 trains and it took over 45 minutes.  One more day!

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Barbara Haake said…
What a great day for the family to share. :)

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