Taking the Metro (and a quick visit to Retiro Park)

2012-06-03 011

We took the metro back in to Boadilla today to spend time with some friends before we left and pay some final bills and whatnot.  We'll be going back there again to cancel phones and close the bank account.  It wasn't difficult at all!  It was a lot of fun, actually.  

2012-06-03 021
2012-06-03 020

We even made a side trip to the grocery store since we haven't had much luck finding produce or meats in our area downtown yet (and we knew they'd have them where we were going).  We're all shopped up for the rest of the week here.  

2012-06-03 029
2012-06-03 009

There are more metro rides to come!  We have to go up to the base a few times before we fly out.  I'm sure by then the thrill will be gone for the kids, but they'll be old pros at it.

2012-06-03 006
2012-06-03 007

Yesterday we took Brennan and Tristan over to Retiro Park to help them expend some energy while Noah was on a playdate.  The playground equipment over there is crazy!  The park itself is ginormous.  Hopefully the weather won't be too hot so we can get out there again and really explore the park.  It was a fun little outing though :)  Brennan fell asleep on Josh's shoulders on the way back.  I couldn't believe it!

2012-06-02 006
2012-06-02 008
2012-06-02 014
2012-06-02 017

I regret to inform you that I can no longer shoot in jpg format... it's just driving me crazy.  So, you probably won't be seeing many photos anymore.  Well, maybe I will shoot RAW+jpg (if you're lucky hehe).  I'm so used to the quality of RAW images these jpg's are killing me!!  But, I'll be nice.  I just feel like I am missing all these amazing shots.  OK done boring everyone now ;)


amanda said…
i can't shoot in jpeg anymore either!

LOVE that hands shot!
amanda said…
i can't shoot in jpeg anymore either. :)

LOVE that hands shot!
Sally Niemann said…
You are never boring us with the blog entries and photos! I am going to try to print out the pic of Brennan asleep on Josh's shoulder - priceless~ Counting the days and glad to hear you are having some fun while you wait. Love & hugs & kisses & giggles~

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