Last Weeks of Summer

While we desperately needed the rain, it was still a little disappointing to have our last week of summer be spent indoors.  We made do though.  The living room was our playground.

20120821 9029

Noah entertained his brothers by allowing them to watch him defeat various bad guys on Zelda (one of his birthday presents).  He also enjoyed vacuuming dog hair off the couch, really he did, he's like that with anything that involves a machine of some kind.

20120823 9026
20120825 9021

Brennan took to annoying the dogs every chance he could get.  He said he checked their teeth "so they could fly" ::shrug:: ok, son.  He also tried to make them "hold hands" and tried to get away with "petting them with his feet"... riiiiight.  He drug them around by their collars, outside and then back inside.  I stopped him every instance I bore witness, but he was relentless.  Thankfully none of the dogs are novices at the game of toddler torture.  

20120825 9020 20120824 9023
20120826 9018
20120826 9017

Brennan spent a lot of time in his room as punishment for his cruelty to animals.  I think this is where he created his baby lizard and baby turtle.  They're both invisible, but they require large nesting areas on the couch made of blankets and pillows and lots of naps.  They also enjoy clubhouses made of pillows, and unfortunately, playing with the dogs.

20120824 9025

We went to a minor league baseball game, where it poured.  We stuck it out though and were rewarded with signed game balls, a front row seat, and a spectacular fireworks show.  It was a good game.

2012-08-17 21.53.54 2012-08-17 21.36.27

We spent an entire day at the Honda dealership trading one old Honda Odyssey for a new one.  Anyone who has purchased a car knows how long it takes.  Why does it take so stinkin' long.  But, I love my new van!

2012-08-20 18.46.38

The day it stopped raining, Noah was starting school.  He loves school though so it didn't faze him at all.  I did a lot of research on local parks and found some real winners.  We're going to be exploring them soon!  With Noah back in school the boys can sometimes be tricked into afternoon naps.

20120827 9012
20120827 9013
20120827 9011

Tristan's birthday is coming up so he's been going on and on about the presents he wants.  Here's his awesome list:  boxing gloves, a punching bag, a guinea pig, a hamster, a real skateboard, a new DS, a chocolate cake with real strawberries and ice cream inside, Mario 2 (DS), and about everything else.  He's asked for a guinea pig and skateboard so often and consistently for the past couple years we're really considering getting him one or the other.  I think a guinea pig would get eaten by dogs, but I do love guinea pigs :)  I bet Brennan would love it too though... the way he loves the dogs... and I don't think a little rodent can handle that kind of fierce adoration.  We shall see!
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