Revolving Door... of AWESOME

Since we moved back to the States our home has been a virtual revolving door, welcoming visitors from all over.  We've had more visits this month than we had the entire 3 years we were in Spain!  It's been fabulous.  What a great way to be welcomed back.  I know I overuse awesome sometimes, but what other word describes "full of awe" better?... awful?  I think not!  HA!

Rudy and Kevin were both visiting on their own and we saw them a few times for various dinners or lunches (including a trip to Medieval Times) before and after we picked the kids up from Ohio.  Jessica and the kids were here for a couple days at the end of July before they went back to Kansas.

2012-07-21 19.26.04

2012-07-31 11.58.12

We hung out with Brandon & Bekah at the beach and had a little game night as well.

2012-07-22 15.42.20 IMG_20120722_124604

Kevin came back, but with his wife Erin this time!  Yay!! ;)  They are both photogs so we did a little night shooting, which is always a great time.  Most of their visit we played games and talked.  It was magnificent and relaxing.

20120813 9000 20120813 9002

20120814 15647

While they were here Josh's cousin Sean and his wife Annie stopped by.  We hadn't seen Sean in 10 years and neither of us had ever met Annie so this was awesome.  They will be moving to the area as well.  Big YAY for having more family around!!  We have yet to meet their kids so I foresee many more visits in the future I'm sure :)

While they were all here one of Noah's teachers from last year showed up as well for a few hours.  Do you grasp the awesomeness of that statement?  Noah's teacher from Spain was in the area and stopped by to see him & us at our new home in Maryland.  Amazing!!!  Thanks again Dan & we hope to see you soon! :)

20120809 15612

As Kevin and Erin were leaving, Brandon showed up to drop off their puppy while they go on vacation.  He's a sweetheart and is getting totally spoiled by having Bosley and Charlie around.

20120814 8998

On Josh's birthday we had 6 adults in the house playing games and having a few drinks.  It was just what he wanted.  We were a full house and after all the hassle of moving I just wasn't in the mood to take pictures.  Sorry, all!  However, the night shoot I had with Erin and Kev smacked the creativity back into me.  Now as I'm blogging I regret not taking at least a few more photos (especially one huge group shot), but I think we'll all survive... somehow.

Now that we have time to take a breathe and just be "us"... that is also fabulous :)  We will have more visitors next month to be sure.  Come on out!
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