Calvert Marine Museum & Solomon's Island

I had looked at the Calvert Marine Museum online lots of times and finally on Saturday we had an opportunity to go!  It was just as awesome as I thought it would be, but better.  I had no idea this area was as rich in prehistoric fossils as it is!!  I just thought they had a plethora of colonial artifacts.  Nope!

Back when the world was all one giant continent (Pangea) our present day Calvert Cliffs were touching Africa, right where modern day Morocco is.  Thanks to this and the constant changing of the water level the cliffs are packed with fossily goodness.  They have recovered everything from a huge prehistoric baleen whale skull to a prehistoric camel.  RIGHT HERE!!!  AHHHH!!!! Josh and I were so fascinated by all this.  We could have spent 3 hours in the fossil section of the museum alone.

The museum also has other exhibits, mostly dealing with the Bay... maritime history.  It all really focused on the local area, which made it that much more interesting to us.  I learned that up until 1987 we still had a real live blacksmith living out here.  There are animals to touch and see in a separate section just for kids with a little sailboat and lighthouse to experience as well.  Kids can also practice tying knots.  We didn't bother touring the Drum Point Lighthouse, but it was included in the price of admission (which was very reasonable).

On the way back home we stopped to walk Solomon's Island Pier, which was very short.  However, there was an exhibit hosted by the Marine Museum in the old J. C. Lore Oyster House we checked out that was very interesting.  We learned a lot about the booming oyster business and its history, and what efforts we're taking to restock the Bay.

After all that excitement we went to our neighbors' house for a delicious dinner and played cards.  Freakin' fabulous.  It was a wonderful day.
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