God Is In the Rain

Right around dinner time it started to pour down rain at my house.  We watched it while we ate and decided splashing in a few puddles would be the best dessert ever!  So, out we went.  Just as I was grabbing my camera the sun came out, but it was still raining.  Rainbow?!?!?!?!!  YES!!

20130602 11041 20130602 11040

Josh called on his way home from work and said "go up the driveway, I can see a double rainbow right over our neighborhood".  And here I was excited enough about the tiny bit I caught from the house.

20130602 11038

Josh pulled onto our street so we turned to head back to the house and just then the sky opened up and rain poured onto my kids as they were running down the driveway in the setting sun.  It was so beautiful.  I have never been so sure that God is in the rain :)  I was also reminded of a Bob Marley quote "some people feel the rain, others just get wet".  We definitely felt the rain today!

20130602 20138

Apparently I was supposed to see all this because everything had to be timed in just the right way.  Minutes later the sun was blocked again and the rain stopped.  But, I will have these images forever and I love them!  I keep telling Josh that God just loves me more than most people ;)  I think it's not so much that per se... I really appreciate the beauty of these moments so I continue receiving them.  How awesome is that :)

20130602 20155 20130602 20157

Then my boys flung mud at each other and had a grand old time before a shower and bedtime.  Wonderful end to a fabulous day!

20130602 11028 20130602 11036 20130602 11027

20130602 1103320130602 1103120130602 11035
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