Southwest Vacation - Wrap Up

We're back into our usual routines, looking for the next adventure.  The kids were a little apprehensive about "staying in some stranger's house" beforehand, but are now completely on-board with Airbnb stays.  Everything went so well.  We saved money by cooking and it was much less stressful than our other trips.  I have finally learned what works!  A few of these I just learned.

1. No car rides longer than 6hrs in one day.
2. Plan at least ONE day of absolutely nothing per week for mental and physical recovery.
3. Always bring: snacks from grocery stores (larger portions, smaller prices), collapsible coolers, and empty water bottles.  Freezing water and keeping it in a cooler for road trips saves a ton of money by eliminating gas station stops.  You also get healthier options.
4. Book and pay for every large important thing far in advance so there are no preventable surprises (flights, rental cars, hotels/places to stay) and you actually take the trip.
5. Always have the medkit: gauze, tape, bandaids, motrin, benadryl, tums, eyedrops, eardrops, aspirin, dramamine, antibiotic gel.
6. Have everyone bring their own backpack with their own drink, snack, and entertainment.
7. Have a basecamp and go to places from one central, comfortable location.

Park maps
Here are all the links to our vacation in one place, Day 1 to Day 10.
New Mexico
Arizona Part 1, the journey to Flagstaff
Arizona Part 2, the Grand Canyon
Arizona Part 3, exploring Walnut Canyon and Flagstaff
Arizona Part 4, the journey to Brian Head UT
Utah Part 1, enjoying our condo in Brian Head
Utah Part 2, hiking at Bryce Canyon
Utah Part 3, exploring Cedar Breaks
Utah to Nevada
Las Vegas, Nevada

All of Tristan's vacation albums:
Tristan's Southwest Vacation Photos Tristan's Bryce Canyon Photos Tristan's Wupatki and Sunset Crater Photos Tristan's Walnut Canyon Photos

My vacation album:
Southwest Vacation


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