Alex and Beth's Visit to Spain

This past week we had our niece Alex and her friend Beth staying with us during their spring break from college. We managed to get out quite a bit despite the kids. Thank you, Adriana!!! We went out a few times with everyone and had to take both vehicles.

Wednesday we hung out at home a bit and had some lunch in downtown Boadilla followed by a bit of souvenir shopping and a late dinner in downtown Madrid at Plaza Mayor. Thursday we had a lazy morning at home and I took the girls to see a Spanish mall and grocery store (fun fun fun haha). They took a lot of pictures there so I'm guessing they enjoyed it.

Friday we went all around downtown to see some of the sights. We stayed out all day and everyone did great! Later that night we went to Corral de la Moreria for some excellent midnight flamenco.

Saturday we headed out to see Oropesa Castle. It was not the biggest castle, but it was a medieval castle nonetheless and still pretty cool. The boys especially loved the live chickens that were pecking around the courtyard. Alex and Beth climbed every tower to the very top. Their legs were killing them later! We fell victim to the bizarre Spanish meal times and missed lunch hours, which are from 2-4. If you don't eat between 2 and 4 you're stuck with no place to eat until 8pm or later. Once we got home we ate a late dinner, put the kids down, and partook in a rousing game of late-night scattergories. WHOOOOOO!!!! ;D We laughed a LOT.

Sunday we packed some sandwiches (having learned our lesson on Saturday) and drove to El Escorial to see the Royal Monastery and The Valley of the Fallen. We made it into a restaurant for lunchtime, but it took a good 2 hours to eat so we didn't make it to either place in time to see inside unfortunately. The food was really good though! We walked around El Escorial awhile, had some delicious churros con chocolate, and headed home. We ended up eating the sandwiches for dinner :)

The girls left on Monday morning. We had a pretty packed 4 days! Thanks again for coming out guys. We had a lot of fun showing you around! :)
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