In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

The weather is still crazy here. Yesterday it was sunny and hot up until around 4pm and then WHAM it was windy, cold, and started pouring rain. Now it's cold and windy outside, but according to the weather report we're going to have a hotttt weekend. The flowers are blooming, birds are going crazy, grass is green, kids are happy, Bosley's getting his long morning walks again. We're planning a little trip this weekend out to the coast. I'm sure I'll take tons of pics ;)

Nothing much going on with us. Brennan is steadily becoming more and more toddler-like. He's taken to pushing chairs around as if they were walkers. He gets so beyond excited about it too... so so proud and happy with his accomplishments. This of course also gives way to a lot of falling unfortunately and we've had a few times where the chairs will tip on him. Doesn't seem to stop him for long though! I tried giving him the real walker, but he's much happier with the big dangerous chairs apparently. We're trying to figure out how to get him to sleep through the night still. I don't know if he's still in a growth spurt, but he wakes up twice a night and wants me, cereal, and whatever else he can get into his little snausage fingers.

Tristan has been forgetting his blanket all over the place and we don't remind him it's missing. I think he'll be parting with it not too far from now. We go on walks around the neighborhood and he walks the entire time! He complains the first few minutes, but once I explain that he needs to get stronger so he can beat Noah in a race he works through the pain. He believes his job is to gather pinecones along the way. The entire stroller basket is chock full o' big pinecones. He's taking on more of a big brother role lately. He's sharing his toys with Brennan, brings him things, wants to feed him, gives him hugs and kisses. He used to step on him and take things away from him so this is definitely a welcomed change!

Noah only got one orange face this month (so far... 2 days left!). He's determined to get that new Bakugan (or transformer or Ben 10 watch). I need to take another video of him one of these days because when he talks about school he sounds so grown up. It's funny hearing what a 5yr old finds important throughout the day. Pretty much none of it is related to learning hahaha. His imagination is insane... sometimes I wonder where he gets his ideas. The other day he was playing Army and actually lay down behind his bike to shoot from the prone position. We didn't teach him that. He's seen nothing like that on TV that I know of... unless Dora and Spongebob went to war. He's been a huge help lately and is really calming down in his old age ;) I was playing catch with him the other day and he caught nearly every ball. He's great at throwing too! He's just so multi-talented hehe.

Life is good here in Spain. It's very relaxing and slow-paced. I love it here. Now that I have been getting out more... and when I can't I have a friend here with me... yeah I could live here much longer than 3 years. If you like the little things and enjoy coffee, food, wine, and free time you have got to visit Europe!!! You might not leave :)

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