Spring is Coming!... slowly but surely

The weather out here has been crazy. Most days it rains, but then the sun comes out for a second and it feels like Spring is on its way... then it starts raining and the temp drops again. It's better than 12 feet of snow though! ;) We're in the low to mid 50's most days, despite the constant wind and rain. It feels more like the 40's. Hopefully it will warm up before our visitors arrive :) The kids have been able to play outside in the mud a few times. Boys sure do love mud :P

Adriana made it here safely and is all settled in. I get to take Bosley for our morning walk again! I'm going to be teaching a basic photography class up on base soon. It was Josh's idea and I LOVE it! I can't wait to share my knowledge with others :) At the Christmas party I saw a plethora of really nice cameras, but only a few weren't set on automatic. It's a shame, really... to own something so nice but not know how to use it. I'm no professional, but I can at least help people learn how to use their manual settings!

Brennan is 10 months old now, just got his last shots until he turns one. He weighs 17lbs 7ozs, which I believe is less than last time. He's an active guy. He has 4 teeth and is not afraid to use them! He eats every 2 hours and has a humongus appetite. He's been eating dinner with us (what we eat), plus a bowl of cereal, and breastfeeding every night. Some nights he still wakes up to eat (and wants cereal... fun times). He must be growing! The doctor said he's only at about 10th percentile for weight, but agrees he's eating enough. He must have our metabolism. Noah was always a skinny guy too (and still is). Yesterday Brennan was able to stand on his own for almost 3 whole seconds! He cruises all over the playroom and is still the happiest baby on the planet. I swear to you he talks. He says "all done", "yeah, "mama", and "dada"... and I know he is talking because they sound the same every time and he uses them properly. Our smart little baby boy :)

Noah is doing really well. I bribed him with a new Bakugan if he can get all green faces this month. He mentions this at least 5 times a day. He wants the purple one. Hope we can find it here! There's always the internet if we can't find it in stores. They are working a lot on numbers and math now. They do simple addition problems, count by tens, and are finished with 1-100 and presumably going to start counting to 101 and beyond. He's moved up a reading level, but still has a little trouble focusing on the words instead of the pictures. Noah's favorite dinnertime game is to list off words that begin with a chosen letter of the alphabet. He just got some new Spiderman shoes and they are his pride and joy right now. He loves to sing the 2 Spanish songs he knows. He has no idea what he's saying though hahaha.

Tristan is whining a little less and talking a little more. He uses sentences (more than 4 words) and is quite proud of his extensive vocabulary... however poorly he pronounces words. He wants to use the potty at least once a day, but we have had no success. At least he wants to try! One of these days we're going to really start potty training. We're getting closer and closer to having a more independent 2yr old. He doesn't scream and cry when I ask him to try and get dressed or undressed on his own anymore. Now he tries and takes great pleasure in his achievements (as do we). He has an annoying habit of touching everything. He pokes at raw meat on the counter, grabs at the knives, picks up every kind of food. He's always asking to try whatever I am cooking. I think he mostly just asks for food to show off his new words because he hardly ever finishes eating what he gets. I've been trying to work on numbers and letters with him, but no matter what I do he just doesn't seem interested. We made a magazine clipping collage for 1 and A, but I did all the work. The only "learning" he seems to respond to is Sesame Street or Baby Einstein. They are sinking in though!

Josh is definitely not going on this deployment now. It's a bit of a shame because it would have been a great career move, but you won't hear me complaining! He has a month-long class in June and is expecting to get promoted probably next month. Hooray!!! :D The jump in pay will be nice. I'm glad Adriana is here to keep me company. We'll have to plan something for my birthday ;)

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