No Good News Means No News

I am not the type of person who will blast all over the internet when I am unhappy. I learned my lesson with that a long time ago. During stressful times I hardly take any pictures. I don't really get on the computer. I get quiet and "internal". I pour myself into my kids because they make me happy. That's me. Last month wasn't the best month, but things are looking up! I've been meaning to post, but with Josh on summer hours (home before 3) and the pool up and running... kids being as cute as they are, going to bed as late as they do (10pm in summer, right after sundown). I don't want to get on the computer most days. Especially not to blog since the whole process takes 2 or more hours. So forgive the long wait, blogosphere. Most of you know what's generally happening anyway since you broke the silence by asking me "what's up" through emails and phone calls (thank you, by the way), but here's the official update and some pics and videos for you ;)

Another reason why I had to give the computer a break was that I wanted to dedicate more time to Tristan especially. I'm happy to announce he's finally stopped crying and whining about every little thing! He gets himself dressed, he USES THE POTTY!! (ok he hasn't gotten #2 down yet, but no accidents with #1 for a week now). We even went grocery shopping and he was dry the entire time :D Potty party for Tristan!!! HOORAY!! He's talking in full sentences and expresses creative thoughts. He's also singing Disney songs with me now (since the movies are off limits). He's learning shapes and colors and numbers. I just had to be there more. He's had a sudden epiphany and he's motivated to be a big boy!! :) He's been skipping naps here and there. Sometimes he ends up crashing out randomly on the couch because of it, but it allows for some choice photo opportunities ;)

20100728 3986

20100808 3999

20100802 4020

Noah has been an absolute angel. He's going to be 6 on Sunday. Can you believe it?! Daddy's making him a race car birthday cake with flames and legos (as per request). We're reading chapter books and we've been practicing reading every day with the "Your Baby Can Read" books that Grandma H. sent us. Tristan and Brennan always take a gander at them when we're practicing. Maybe they will be babies who can read? Noah was teaching Tristan how to play catch today (one of the videos). He's such a good big brother. He's so patient and kind with younger kids. He is always helping us out around the house, teaching his siblings how to clean up after themselves and eat everything on their plates so they can be big and strong. He also teaches them how to fight and climb dangerous objects, but he's a boy so I understand. Oh and he tries to swim above water finally! I think it had a lot to do with his friend Emily who swims like a champ and is 7 years old. Noah's become quite attached to one of Daddy's old button-down shirts. Sometimes it's a cape, sometimes a Dr. coat, sometimes it's some kind of armor... either way it's almost always on his body flapping in the wind around him as he runs around fighting bad guys with custom-built lego lasers.

20100728 3992

20100810 3992

Brennan... oh my Brennan. He's hilarious. I can't even describe the cuteness in a way that would give him justice. You can tell he understands the world around him and how he fits into the scheme of things. He says cookie and thank you now and it's the cutest thing EVER!! I'm really enjoying watching him learn and discover. He loves tackling and wrestling and he's started biting people. Let's hope this phase doesn't last long. He gets bored very quickly in a room without gadgetry or things to break ;) His smile gets cuter with every tooth. He needs a haircut, but I kinda want to see if maybe his hair will be wavy if I let it go a little longer. It seems like it has a bit of a curl to it. He still looks like a boy :) He likes to tackle the dogs and give everyone big sloppy open-mouth drool kisses. I don't recall if I mentioned that he now has an attachment to a blankie too... just like Tristan. We try to limit him to crib and car use only, but if he wants it he can have it. It's just a blanket and it makes him feel secure so I don't see the harm in it at all. Tristan only has his at bedtime now and that took mostly no effort on our part. They outgrow most of these attachments on their own. Brennan wakes up at 2am still for a bowl of oatmeal, but I am usually still up so I don't mind. Sometimes he's up again at 5am wanting more. He's 21lbs, which they say is lower 10th percentile. I'm not worried about his weight because I know how this boy eats and he's healthy healthy healthy.

20100810 3995

20100810 3990

I got offered a full time job up at the same place Josh works. We won't be working together (which I think is good), but we'll get to have coffees and lunches and carpool to and from work. I'm excited, but not. I don't really want to be away from my kids... as crazy as they can make me sometimes. I'm going to miss being around them all the time! I'm going to miss not having a boss or customers (that I can put in timeout haha). I think I'll be OK though. And if not... it's not like I can't put in my 2 weeks notice! I'm excited about having a little more money to buy plane tickets for family and go on little adventures. We haven't gotten to explore Europe yet! Of course now I'll have to work around vacation hours... but we'll figure that out when the time comes ;)

Josh said he wants to blog about the march so I won't say too much, but he saved someone's life that day. They're talking about putting him in for an award. Our hero :) He just turned the big 2-7 so he's pretty happy about that. We had a great night out with friends from work on his birthday and he went out the night before that too. Madrid has great night life... you just HAVE to go out at night here! It's amazing and it's not like in the states where it's dangerous and full of sloppy drunks. It's just a lot of laid back people having a fun time: eating, drinking, dancing, and enjoying life. So anyway... although we weren't able to do much for Josh on his birthday he had a great time thanks to amazing friends :) I was in charge of the dinner and I know I got that right!

OK it's 2am and I am tired!! I will start videos uploading and hopefully they'll finish by morning. Goodnight!
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