Summer Winding to an End

We had an unusually short and mild summer this year. Already we're getting cold temps at night, strong winds throughout the day, and the occasional thunderstorm. This makes for many movie and game days in the house. There is a lot of wrestling, tickling, and fighting going on in the house. All good fun! We also have our hot sunny days, which we spend in the pool.

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I am still waiting for the final word on my job. Government positions require heaps of paperwork, regardless of what the job actually is. I even had to get a hearing and vision test... really? I understand that with insurance benefits comes a physical, but it's annoying. There may be even more paperwork to fill out... 5 hours away from here at the "main base". This better be worth it :P I've also dropped my application elsewhere. I think it's time for me to have some "me time" out in the working world. If I could get a job like my old one that would be awesome. I felt so important and needed in that job. We shall see.
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