Noah's 6th Birthday

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Hooray Hooray Noah turned six today!! We had such a great day today!!! Noah wanted pancakes and bacon for breakfast... 6 small pancakes (and one shaped like a 6 to "grow on" from Mommy). He did a fun little scavenger hunt for his big present, which was a lego Star Wars ship that he and Daddy built together all morning. Noah had that ship with him all day long. He also got a goggle and snorkel set from Tristan and a Ben 10 kite and frisbee from Brennan.

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We spent all day playing together, laughing together, talking, hugging, kissing, wrestling, tickling, napping... it was perfect. We went to the park to fly his kite before dinner and cake and it actually made it up a few times, but there wasn't enough wind to keep it there. Noah didn't care! He was just happy to run with a kite. We all took turns trying to make it fly. Daddy taught him how to throw and catch his new frisbee and he's already a champ at throwing. Catching is a different story lol.

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Adriana's Mom is here visiting right now and she spent all night making Noah's birthday cake. It was delicious!! Thank you very much, Suncica! Noah wanted to eat ribs off the bone like a MAN for his birthday lol. Josh taught him his secret rib-rub-recipe and let the boys help mix it all together and massage it into the pork. They were thrilled. He also helped them make their own pizzas for lunch. Everyone was so happy all day long... and so well-behaved. Again, it was a perfect day.

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Adriana and her Mom are taking Noah on a special birthday trip to Valencia to swim in the ocean. They leave tomorrow. He is extremely excited to try out his new toys (especially the kite and snorkel) at the beach. Noah felt very special today, and that's what really mattered :) He's had an amazing year and he deserved this day! Happy birthday, Noah-Boah!! We love you!

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