A Day in the Life: Brennan

I've been wanting to do these "day in the life" posts for months now! I'm sure everyone will enjoy the "series"... here goes.

20100910 4420

Brennan's day begins at around 7am. Usually he wakes up on his own to the sound of various wails and/or giggles emanating from the playroom. He is always happy when he wakes up. Right now he has a bit of a cold and is mercilessly fighting to cut two of his 2yr old molars, but still he is cheerful... until a short time after his feet touch the floor. He knows we're going to take Noah to the bus stop, and he will cry about how we're not leaving until we actually walk out the door. With excited anticipation he is eager to jog along to our destination less than a block away. He's fine walking by himself holding my hand until someone else shows up. Then it's whine and hug the Momma time, which is very normal for a child his age (16 months). I usually end up having to carry him back until we make it to our street where he'll run up the hill, randomly stopping to poke at rocks and plants along the way.

20100910 4426

We're baaaack!! Breakfast time!!! Brennan loves loves loves food. He will eat anything and everything I place before him. Even if he can't manage to chew it, he at least sucks the life out of it before spitting it to the dogs. Those days are coming to an end with them new pearly whites he's sprouting! We usually have some form of eggs, hot cereal, and share some toast. Bren also loves to be in the kitchen and help me. This normally includes taking out utensils, handing me onions and various canned goods, banging things around, or opening all the drawers. If he finishes this before I am done cooking he also is sure to put my fridge magnets in the washing machine for me and set them to a 30 minute cold wash. He's so thoughtful :) Sometimes I don't catch it and they actually start to wash. Snapfish makes some tough stuff!! Other times Tristan and Brennan play tag and peek-a-boo in the living room curtains, which is always loads of fun to listen in on :) We stuff our faces with the most important meal of the day, drink our water, and then the boys head up to the playroom together for Mommy's coffee break. This lasts all of 10 minutes (if I'm lucky), but it's oh so important to me.

20100910 4425

20100910 4424

After a few relaxing sips followed by a defeated gulp of coffee I too join the brawling toddlers in the playroom :) I'm usually greeted by a "Brennan hit me on the head!" and I glance over at a huge guilty 8-toothed drooly smile, still clutching whatever fisher price person he chose to act as his big-brother-teasing-mallet for the day. NO HITTING, Brennan!! That's not nice! It HURTS! and he laughs... sigh. Maybe he'll get it when I say it again in 5 minutes hahaha. I swear he uses time out to plan his next attack. By now it's 9:30 which means PRESCHOOL!!

20100910 4411

20100910 4390

Brennan gets a little jealous at this time because it's mostly all about Tristan, but Brennan is most definitely included in the process. I like to start with something loose and fun for them. We get out paper and markers and draw pictures, practice our names, talk about the colors we are using, try to draw shapes... all while rocking out to Disney music, classic kid songs, or Raffi. I proudly hang their masterpieces on the clothesline and we dive right into our letter flash cards. Brennan enjoys the ABC song and loves to call every card "D" and laugh. No matter how weird and loud I get Brennan usually is bored by around "S" and starts trying to grab the cards and throw them. His shape block puzzle or a bucket of balls is a good enough distraction for Tristan and I to finish with our letters, shapes, and colors. WHOO it's a lot to take in :) Depending on the weather we'll go outside for a bit or pick something in the playroom to mess with until 11 (lunch time).

20100910 4395

20100910 4415

20100910 4412

20100910 4414

Another meal time means more excited hungry boy antics. This time they're a little more desperate because they're beginning to get sleepy and it takes longer to cook lunch than breakfast. Brennan will once again clear his plate... and now he tries to take his plate to the kitchen sink, followed by a very loud cookie fit. I am never done first. I spend half my meal getting things for them. My rule is they can have their cookie for dessert when Mommy is done eating. Brennan never fails to be the first one done and will whine by the cupboard until I am finished. I know he understands me, but I believe he thinks I don't understand him. He survives. They have their cookies. They go down for their naps at 12:30. More coffee for Mommy, but this time without interruptions! I need it before chores :) I do allow myself a free pass on Fridays to not do anything responsible during nap time. It's nice. Glad I thought of it! Although sometimes I can't make myself observe this holiday haha.

20100910 4416

Brennan will nap anywhere from one to three hours. I never know how long, or when and why so I try to work fast. Many times he will be up while I clean and he'll stalk me with a mop or broom, seemingly ordering me to use them. He'll shove them in my general direction with a cro magnon "UGH". He's content to follow me around and just watch, sometimes he hands me the dust pan. He will occasionally run to and from other rooms, but never from my sight. He gets very angry when I walk away without telling him exactly what I'm doing and where I am going... "Brennan I am going to dump out the dirty water into the toilet and then put the bucket away outside, OK"... he's soooooo weird, it's fascinating :) It was an adventure to learn his quirks!

20100910 4419

Usually I finish with an hour left before Tristan wakes up and Brennan and I have some one-on-one time either outside or in the playroom. He loves personal attention (like all kids)! All he wants is someone there to whom he can bring random discoveries as he plays. I'm happy to oblige. I also get rewarded with excited random hugs and kisses, smacks, head-butts, bites, an occasional attempt at real words, and lots of happy yelling. I love it all... maybe not the biting and smacking so much, but we're working on it ;) Then Tristan wakes up and it's time to get Noah from the bus stop!

20100910 4389

20100910 4413

Another quick walk followed by outside time until Daddy gets home. Brennan adores Noah and calls for him throughout the day so he's a pretty happy guy when "Oa" is finally there to answer back. We all have a snack and listen to Noah talk about school. Brennan chases his brothers and the dogs endlessly, but only if I sit in one spot and don't move. If I make any motion like I am going anywhere he will start crying and stomp off in anger with his back to me. Tristan used to do the same thing so it doesn't really bother me. Brennan has a LOT of attitude... he even rolls his eyes already. When he's not chasing someone or something he's throwing random objects into the pool. Fun times. Once Daddy gets home it's a chorus of whines from Brennan and Tristan, who I think are just unable to express their emotions as of yet and they have a TON of them for some reason hahaha.

20100910 4409

20100910 4408

Brennan and his brothers have playtime with Daddy while I make dinner. They really enjoy it I'm sure. Most of the time they will visit me while I cook to beg for cold water or sneak a peek at what I'm making. We eat, we have a cookie, we play outside some more, and then it's bath time! Brennan loves bath time. I think it's partially because by 7:30 he is exhausted and actually looking forward to going to sleep, and bath time is the first step of the bed time process.

20100910 4407

20100910 4401

Brennan already washes himself and brushes his teeth (and one of us follows with a real go at it). He's very proud of himself for his ability to do things on his own and we're proud of him too! He sort of listens to Daddy read a story while he runs from the bathroom to each bedroom like a madman. Somehow he kills the hyperactivity immediately and goes straight to bed when he hits his blankie. I wind up his mobile, tell him I love him, turn off his light, and shut the door behind me. I usually see him again in the wee hours of the morning for either food or water, during which he shamelessly flirts with me to convince me not to be annoyed. Works every time! I think once he's in a bigger bed he'll stay asleep longer... this kid doesn't like to be caged! He usually goes right back to sleep and then we start all over again at 7am the next day :)

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