V and Evie (E-V)

While I was present for my own births there's most definitely something to be said for bearing witness to a natural childbirth. Having gone through the same thing myself (and the fact that V's my sister) I felt all her pain, but I also knew the outcome and I was excited for her. Labor is one of the most difficult but rewarding experiences a woman can go through. Not for the reason you think, which is "my baby is here oh yay ::sob sob::"... yes, the baby's arrival is a miraculous and splendid occurrence. I'm talking about the pain and euphoria of experiencing a natural birth. No pitocin, no epidural, no cervadil, no demerol... just your own organic blend of natural hormones and chemicals ;)

It starts off perfectly manageable, sort of scary... you wonder how much worse it will get and try to convince yourself not to be scared. I already knew how bad it was going to get, so with Brennan I tried to nap when I could and postpone the inevitable until I was fully ready. You're calm, calm, calm, remaining calm, you get to 7cm. What... the... hell. That's when you start to hit a wall. You wonder if you can get through this alive and if when all is said and done you can push this baby out. You're exhausted and a little discouraged, tired of all the pain. You cry a little, try to breathe, make some noises, and then you hit the 9 and 10 range. They say you can push and this surge of energy rushes through your body and you become something other than human. I always felt like I was outside of my body at that time. I couldn't tell you who was in the room with me because at that point I wouldn't have cared. It was all me and my body, no one else could do anything but me.

Here V was... right in the middle of that and I was so ecstatic for her. Nothing else in life will come close to how it feels to go through labor and delivery. It empowers you physically, emotionally, and even intellectually. You learn something about yourself, life, pain. I wish every woman would have the courage to experience natural birth at least once. You would be amazed at what you are capable of, what your body knows how to do without any assistance. It is awesome, it's primal, it hones your instincts as a mother. Every time. You're missing out, ladies. Don't be scared of the pain. It won't kill you. Hospitals are for sick people and emergencies, not healthy low-risk laboring mothers and babies.

You may have read on facebook that I cried like a baby. I most certainly did. The adrenaline built and built and built and then Evie was finally here! I was so proud of my sister and so happy to see that baby girl. I can't tell you how honored I was to be there through the whole process. I was inspired by V's attitude and resolve, and her ability to relax and trust her body. I loved the midwives!! They know so much about birth and labor. They had a lot of tips and suggestions and were so calming and reassuring the entire 12 hours we were there. They were in no hurry to get Evie out. They understood birth and they were all about supporting the mother. All of it was simply amazing and I'm thankful I got here when I did because I would have hated to miss it. On August 27th at 3:07am Evelina Michelle had arrived :) My sister is a total badass. I'm so proud of her!!!

Being gone and experiencing this has helped remind me of how precious my boys are. I can't wait to get home and hug them. Time goes by so fast! I remember each of them as newborns, and Noah's about to go into 1st grade! Thanks for the reminder V, Evie, God... can't wait to see my babies again :)

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