Back to the Guadarrama Mountains

20101002 4685

Since the weather will be changing soon we decided to take one last trip up to the mountains before it got too cold to hike. What a great idea! Josh and I cooked lunch the night before: pepperoni rolls & chicken strips... a lot of exercise calls for some serious lunch and sandwiches don't cut it for growing boys (or hungry parents).

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We hiked a good 4+ miles through the woods, along the face of the Guadarramas. Mostly we followed a fresh spring water fed creek, which was clear as clear could be and freezing cold. Luckily none of us fell in :) The forest was absolutely gorgeous. The weather was perfect. Most of our hike was through the woods without any trail to speak of, but we happened upon a large dirt road along the creek and found a nice picnic spot. We also discovered some huge rocks which the boys were eager to climb. Daddy took them one at a time to check out the view. We thought it best to keep Brennan on the ground below since he is a lot like a tasmanian devil lately.

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Tristan impressed us and walked on his own the entire time without crying!! Brennan also walked a good bit of the way when the terrain was safe enough. He jabbered on and on and made it a point to stop at every fern and ask "dat?"... the forest floor was covered in ferns and pine cones so we stopped a lot. I don't have any pictures of Brennan walking because I was holding both of his hands most of the time. Noah was a champ like always and ran circles around us. He also darted across the creek, scaled some rocks, jumped some paths. He reminds me a lot of my brother Ben when he was younger. I remember my Mom nearly having a heart attack anytime we would go hiking because he would jump over crevasses and run around like crazy, skidding through the moss and leaves on the edge of cliffs. No fear, I tell you!

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We had a lot of fun and got a lot of exercise. It was a wonderful Saturday afternoon!!! Tomorrow we'll be perfectly content to stay home and relax. Now it's time to watch football and eat wings. Well... for me it's time to play in the playroom. I could care less about football. I will devour some wings though ;) haha.

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