Moments of the Week

Here's some of my favorite "moments" of this week, caught on film... well... digitally.

20100928 4643
Brennan giving his famous "evil eye". No idea where he learned how to do this, but I think it's hilarious so he continues to do it on a daily basis.

20100926 4601
Always the hugger! Brennan grabs your neck and crushes you with his love and then plants a drooly, toothy kiss on your face.

20100926 4620
Big brothers racing down the trail at the park.

20100928 4635
"Mommy, Brennan pull my hair!" look at those eyes of his!

20100929 4632
Noah's my scientist. His ducky magnifying glass is assisting by pecking at the dead gecko we discovered.

20100929 4630
Fun times in the wagon.

20100928 4636
I don't remember why he was crying, but it probably had something to do with Tristan. ;)

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