Fun With Physics

The other day the boys were running amok outside, fighting over every single little thing available. Then we discovered that the buckeyes were ripe. This was all well and good for awhile... shaking down buckeyes, opening them up, putting them into a bucket. Of course it eventually became just one more thing for them to fight over. Sigh. A little quick thinking sent me to the garage on a mission. I was planning on building a "buckeye slide" out of cardboard on the steps. Then I found this great plastic tube! Perfect tunnel slide!!

20101005 4690
20101005 4693
20101005 4692

We set it up on the stairs at a high angle and then moved it down to a wider angle and compared the speed of the buckeyes, and discussed our results: the higher the tube, the faster they fall. We got some matchbox cars out to send down the slide as well. Josh and I were able to chat and enjoy an entire glass of cold coffee without any bickering from the boys. Hooray! They've been playing with them for 3 days now, still enthralled. Ahhhhhh... thank you, physics ;) And here's Brennan passed out on the couch before lunch. Completely unrelated, but worth mentioning!

20101006 4686

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