Christmas Is Almost Here!

It's almost here!! AHHHHH!!! :D :D :D EXCITED!!! We've been playing a daily game of "PUT THAT DOWN" with the Christmas presents. The living room is officially off limits now since we really have no room to hide gifts. Brennan has already torn a few boxes open a bit. The ones from Aunt Michelle and Alex were gnarled so the other day we let them peel off the few shards of paper that were left. Joyous family time ensued.

20101217 5178

Noah won't stop coloring in his new book... it appeals to his obsessive compulsive side. Tristan and Brennan are balling up and slapping bendaroos all over the playroom cabinets. Some have regrettably been chewed to oblivion. If he's not chewing them he's tossing them around in a huge sticky ball. They are also fun for big kids like myself and my dear husband :)

20101217 5175

20101217 5181

Under our tree is completely packed. The grandparents really spoiled the boys this year (and us)!! Josh and I already gave each other nearly all our presents... we're worse than the kids! Look out world, I have Adobe Lightroom 3 now!!!!!! :D Don't you love Christmas sales? ;) It's impossible to find Christmas wrapping paper here because every store has a free "do it yourself" wrapping table just past the checkout lines, complete with tape and ugly paper. So, we improvised and wrapped everything in white paper and decorated them with sharpies. It was a lot of fun! I love to draw!!

Tomorrow we are making our gingerbread men! I'm sure I will take plenty of pictures. I will get a picture of our tree again (with presents) and all our beautifully hand-decorated wrapping paper too :) Happy first day of winter everyone!
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