Gingerbread Babies!

20101222 5217

We made the dough late last night and this afternoon we got to baking and decorating our gingerbread cookies. We made snowmen and the classic gingerbread men and women.

20101222 5209

20101222 5211

20101222 5213

20101222 5205

Brennan mostly ate all the candy pieces. He would put them on first, but promptly remove them and pop them in his mouth. The only mess to speak of was sticky hands so HOORAY!

20101222 5197

20101222 5208

Tristan mostly dictated to Daddy what colors to use and watched with glee as he did all the work for him. He did stick a few jellybeans and shake some sprinkles on top though.

20101222 5203

20101222 5198

Noah didn't want to stop decorating. If would have let him go there would be 20 layers of icing and candy buttons on these cookies.

20101222 5200

20101222 5189

They turned out pretty darn cute. Josh and I decorated some too :) The red icing was really runny for some reason... like sweet ginger blood. Fun fun fun... in a dark kind of way lol.

20101222 5196

20101222 5193

As promised here's the pictures of our packed tree and our homemade wrapping paper!

20101222 5224

20101222 5222
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