LONG Weekend

20101203 5050

We had a fabulous long weekend. We hit a few snafoo's along the way, but nothing too horribly awful. Friday was Noah's holiday concert so we got all snazzed up and headed out to cheer on the "man of the house" for the time being :) Noah did a fantastic job! He was so focused and serious. He had been practicing his songs all week and really wanted to get all the words and motions right. He was kind enough to wave at me and smile for a few pictures, though.

20101203 5054

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Saturday was a chill day. We spent the day lounging around, made some Christmas ornaments (thanks V, Al & Shell!!). Noah and I worked on our puzzle a bit, Brennan destroyed it again. We cleaned the playroom for 2 hours... it was pretty bad. We watched movies (Tangled was really cute). AFN was playing a "Santa Clause" marathon!

20101203 5073

Sunday was a big day for us! I finished cleaning the house. We played a lot, and then after dinner we made lemon sugar cookies, hot chocolate, and popcorn. We watched "Home Alone" and started watching "The Santa Clause" again, but the kids fell asleep one by one. Brennan was the last one standing :) Popcorn was EVERYWHERE! lol Glad I vacuumed ;) hahaha

20101205 5066

20101205 5064

Monday we made some more ornaments and Noah and I worked on our puzzle. We watched "The bishop's Wife" and "The Family Man". We played, we danced, we sang.

20101204 5072

Tuesday we had breakfast with my friend and her girls up on the base and picked up our mail (yay!!). Then we came home and did more family bonding :) The usual: playing, laughing, singing, dancing, and fighting lol. Noah and Tristan wiped out on the stairs. Noah was carrying 2 cups of orange juice when it happened and cracked his thigh really bad... he has a huge bruise. Tristan was sprawled out head-first across 4 steps, no idea what stopped him from falling the entire way down. Luckily he was ok.

 20101208 5074

Today was eventful. I mopped my floors (orange juice is sticky, you know). I did laundry. I vacuumed, cleaned the crud out of the vacuum, and fixed our wobbly coffee table. We finally put the advent calendar up and filled all the days with chocolate treats. While I was making dinner the boys were watching cartoons in the living room. Suddenly Noah starts wailing and comes bursting through the door "MOMMY MOOOOMMMMYYYY" and he's terrified. Tristan is screaming, Noah's wailing so much he can't even tell me what happened except "BLOOD!!!". I said who, Noah? "TRISTAN!!" What? Where? "TRISTAN is BLEEDING from his HEAD!!". Finally I see it... he has 2 huge bumps and one was dripping with blood. I thought I was going to have to go to the ER, but it stopped fairly quickly. Apparently, he was playing in the tall laundry basket and it fell over onto the entertainment center... pretty sure it was the basket that got him. It looks awful in the pic, but after I cleaned him up it turned out to be more like a scrape than a gash. So while I am trying to clean up blood Brennan decides now would be a good time to dump half the salt into a skillet on the stove... thankfully no food was in it anymore lol. After that it was the same old drill: eat dinner, take baths, brush teeth, read a book, and finally bedtime.

20101208 5063

20101208 5058

Dangit... we forgot to finish Noah's homework! Well, at least I know he only has one little blurb left to write. We had a great long weekend in all :) School tomorrow!! Now... time to fold my 8 clean loads of laundry :P haha.
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