Little Hombres, Big Messes

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Yesterday and today, despite my constant lectures about the pool and the hose, the boys finally wore me down and I turned a blind eye as they made a river of mud. They scooped up mud and made an "island" on top of the greenhouse wall. They also had a mud fight with the greenhouse and each other.

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I remember playing with sludge and I can't deny them such a joyful and significant event in ones' childhood. It's practically mandatory! As my Mom used to say "if you didn't get dirty, you didn't have fun". Wise words :)

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So what else is going on...
Every once in awhile Josh and I get creative and get all gourmet with dinner. We send the kids to bed with cheap pizza in their bellies and get to work on our 3 course meal. This time we had pate, grilled cesar salad, steak, white wine potatoes, and grilled asparagus. It was outstanding. The only downside to having a restaurant-style meal at home is that you have to clean up the mess yourselves... and boy is it a mess. It's always a mess though so what else is new. Sometimes I feel like all I do is clean, especially the kitchen. At least I have a dishwasher!

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Preschool has been going well thus far. We have a lot of ideas and are developing our lesson plans to teach the five senses, farm animals, the food pyramid, colors, textures, shapes, letters numbers. We have a schedule worked out for our 3 hour pre-k day and it seems to be working well. Tristan is having the most fun. Elias and Brennan are still a little young and find it difficult to pay attention, but they are also absorbing the lessons. I think the hardest part is trying to get our morning coffee and workout in as well... dammit we CAN have it all!!! We're determined! One of these days I will get around to taking pictures of our preschool days :) Tristan's and Elias' birthdays are coming up so we're going to do a little party for both of them next weekend. There will definitely be pictures!!
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