Tristan's 4th Birthday

20110913 7507

Look at my big boy!!  My how he's changed this year!  He has transitioned from toddler to "kid" and while it seemed to drag on forever, it's as if the "switch" happened overnight.  Moms everywhere warn you it'll be gone before you know it, but you don't really get it until it happens.  That's what this blog is all about.  I will never forget and they will never forget me.  My voice will always be here, telling their stories.  Here is the simple story of Tristan's 4th birthday.

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We did a little bit of preschool because that's what Tris wanted, especially since his birthday was marked on the calendar with a big cake!  Then we took all the boys to the "pirate ship park" so they could expend some energy.  They climbed and slid and played and picked buckeyes.  When picking buckeyes and sticks turned to picking on each other and hitting with sticks, we left.  Sure sign of hunger!

20110913 7505

We had some beef stroganoff for lunch, delicious cupcakes a'la Jamie for dessert, and soon after Josh came home early so we could go pick out presents before Noah got back from school.  Tristan said he wanted to pick out his own presents instead of surprises.  He desperately wanted a big kid bike with training wheels.  Well, we went to 3 different stores, but weren't happy with the bike selection so we got a golf game, which reminded me of one of those beanbag kids games and 10 "aniballs" (foam golfballs painted like animals) and Tristan agreed to wait so we could get the perfect bike from the computer.

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20110913 7502

We also picked up everything we needed for the birthday dinner!  After we got Noah the boys played with the new game and ate magical green popcorn while we made Tristan's birthday dinner.  He requested chicken on a stick, fried rice, and eggrolls.  All homemade.  Josh had a lot of fun cooking for us, as usual.  That was about it!

20110913 7501

20110913 7498

We like our boys to feel special on their special day, but getting a present and a special dinner is special enough methinks (FOUR specials in one sentence?!).  We must be right because he was thrilled to just do that... to be "the boss" and decide what to eat that day.  He excitedly said thank you about every single thing that happened.  He had a good day.  We were so impressed with his patience regarding the bike, which we finally had to buy from a store here today since no one wants to ship one to an FPO.  ANNOYING!  Anyway, big party tomorrow for he and Elias!  Prepare to be amazed!! (10 points if you can gimme the Disney movie I got that line from).  Going to have a nice bike-riding video for you all.  Later! :)
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