Summer's Over, Ready for School

We had our last hurrah of summer over the weekend and went on a trip to Aranjuez with our friends and their boys. It was a lot of fun.

20110903 7481

20110903 7471

We didn't make it over to the palaces or the island garden because it suddenly got HOT and we were done walking at that point (especially since half the kids are sick). The boys all enjoyed the big garden though and we had a picnic in the bamboo.

20110903 7468

20110903 7459

After that we all went back to our house and hung out so the big boys could watch football (the American kind). Their oldest Christopher stayed the night and he and Noah played the wii all morning. They both jump around like crazy and get waaaay too into it haha.

20110904 7457

Noah's starting 2nd grade tomorrow. I can't believe how quickly the summer flew by... or the last 7 years. Noah's got another loose tooth!

20110825 7452

Since he turned seven we've been trying to treat him like a "big" kid more often. I let him try his hand out at chopping veggies for our spaghetti the other day. I didn't have to tell him much... he's obviously been watching me closely and waiting for years now. He even scraped everything off the cutting board and into the pot with the knife. I gave him a lesson on spices and what different knives are used for and why. He soaked it all in like a sponge and throws the word "serrated" around whenever he can now :)

20110825 7450

We moved Tristan and Brennan into the same bed, back over to Brennan's old room. Noah has his own room now. Brennan is no longer in a crib. They all took to it really well. Tristan had a bit of a breakdown the first night, wanting to be back with Noah, but he got over it fast and never did it again.

20110904 7454

20110904 7455

Tristan's been doing so much better and is ridiculously excited about starting preschool with his friends. Jamie and I are excited too. I'm fortunate to have so many qualified people in my family that can give me advice on a preschool curriculum. It's going to be a fun year :)

20110901 7444

Brennan's been sick lately with a croup cough, but he seemed to be doing a lot better today. We'll see tonight. It's always worse at night. I haven't been getting much sleep, but it doesn't bother me anymore. Poor Bren ends up taking like 3 or 4 little naps a day.

20110831 7448

He perks up eventually and is back up to his old tricks though. He's taller and thinner all of a sudden. He's starting to look less like a baby to me. This is usually the stage when the baby itch hits me really badly, but not this time. Everything is everything and were doing well out here in Spain :)
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