Christmas is Coming

We had a 4 day weekend thanks to Spain's love of paid holidays. We did a lot of Christmas decoration shopping, finally got both our trees and the trimmings. We also went out to the Plaza Mayor and are planning to go again during the day (and take pictures). We spent the rest of the weekend just relaxing, putting up decorations, having fun, spending time as a family, watching old Christmas movies like "The Bishop's Wife" and "It's a Wonderful Life". We lit a few fires, made a few cups of tea, cooked a few hot meals, and did a little cleaning :) Exciting, I know. Then once the kids were down Josh and I kicked some King Koopa butt on the new Super Mario Bros for the wii. It's greeeeeat.

I was surprised at the lack of Christmas decorations here. Apparently, the big "to-do" around here is Three Kings Day in January. They don't have any real Christmas trees out here, no stocking holders, hardly any stockings, garland is outrageously expensive, no bows. We're going to look some more again, but as of right now I am a bit discouraged. I found a lot of stuff online, but I can't have it shipped to our box (for whatever annoying excuse they decided to use). I am going to wait until after Christmas, get it all really cheap, and then send it to a family member and have them send it to me for next year. Take THAT, Amazon and Spain!!! :P haha. OK that's it for now :)
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