A Crash, a Concert, and a Christmas Party

This week was a little hectic, but still good. Noah's Christmas concert was on Friday and , as luck would have it, I overslept and he missed the bus. So, we quickly got ready and I headed over to Josh's work to pick him up... we were on schedule to arrive in time to get Noah there and see him sing. Right outside the gate I got t-boned before my exit. They have a lot of roundabouts out here and I was driving on the outside lane, she was driving on the inside. No one usually exits at the NATO HQ, which happens to be the last exit from this roundabout. I guess she assumed I was going to exit before then because she tried exiting through our van. Luckily no one was injured except for our vehicles. This is a very common accident out here at this particular exit. I was busy paying attention to the oncoming drivers who are also not used to seeing someone exit and therefore jump the gun and end up hitting people. Guess I should have looked behind me too? Oh well. We were right outside the gate so the police and civil guard were at my disposal (as well as Josh). We left for the concert and made it in time to see the last performance. Noah was a little upset he didn't get to sing with everyone, but he understood the circumstances. Every morning now he reminds me how we missed the bus though :/ haha

Saturday was Josh's company Christmas party. It was so much fun! I love the people out here. No one was hiding in corners, talking crap about each other. Everyone was having a genuinely good time, relaxing and talking together. It was great. Noah got to see all his school friends. There was a scavenger hunt for the older kids, crafts, face-painting, a balloon artist, caroling, tons of food, a dessert bake-off, a raffle, a bouncy house, and Santa and his elves showed up to pass out gifts to the little ones. It was a good time. Later that night our friend came over while the kids were asleep so we could get their Christmas shopping done. YAY! All we have left to get is Tristan's tricycle. It's been a bit difficult trying to find a decent trike out here. They don't believe in steel and rubber, I guess. Christmas is going to be SO FUN! I am still frantically trying to find stuff for Josh :P I'm a bad wife hahaha.

It was snowing this morning!!! :D It's still stuck to the ground in the shady spots and I am thrilled!! Noah and Tristan were really excited about it as well. Hooray for snow!! We definitely need to invest in some rock salt for the front walkway.

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