This Christmas was very much like last Christmas, which is a good thing. We let the kids open their presents from the grandparents on Christmas Eve this year so they would get their own special attention. Everything was a big hit! Thank you again!! Later that night we made cookies for Santa. Any baking in this house is a fun time, and we bake every weekend. It can get a little CRAZY! No, not really... but it is fun! :)
20111224 7900
  20111224 7893
20111224 7895 
Christmas day we had our friend Rudy over and we just hung out and relaxed, watched football, ate. The weather has been decent so the kids played outside with their new toys for a few hours. They got half outside toys, half inside toys (because we're all stinkin' geniuses). It was fun and relaxing, just what we wanted! Josh made his first ducken (duck stuffed with a chicken) and it was delicious. We all got what we wanted.
 20111225 789120111225 7890 
We've been enjoying our time together while Josh is off work... at home, chilling out and cooking :) I love my life. It might be monotonous sometimes, but it's a great life.
20111222 13061
20111222 13058
20111222 13078
20111222 13079 
Another family we know and love has moved on. We had a little bu-bye dinner at our house. I got some funny shots of all the crazy boys together :) We'll be following soon... late June our time in Spain is up! Now that Jessica and Jamie are gone you might be seeing more of me as I try to maintain my creativity and sanity despite utter boredom and lack of companionship.
20111224 7896 
 I am going to be getting Tristan ready for school. I don't know how much he knows already, but it's not a lot. Who knows he might surprise me. Thankfully he finally seems willing to do a little learning.
20111224 7898 
Brennan is going to get potty trained. We've been assaulting him daily with psychological warfare about the potty. I think he's going to be an easy one. After Tristan anything would be easy!
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