Holiday Party

As luck would have it, everyone was better just in time for Josh's work holiday party!  I threw together some mashed potatoes (never show up empty-handed to a potluck, especially with 5 people).  As soon as we got there Tristan ran over to the face painters and had her paint him up like Spiderman.  He was an immediate hit.  There were little spidermen and one spiderwoman running around all over that party.  Tristan's such a trend setter.  Christopher was all creative and asked to be the bad Spiderman.

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20111217 7877 20111217 7876 20111217 7874

Brennan spent his time coloring in the lines with an intense amount of concentration.  I was so proud.  He loves to color!  He did a fabulous job.  He also ate about 3 candy canes and a big plate of food.  HOORAY!!!

20111217 7881 20111217 7882 20111217 7879

Noah was busy playing outside with his "big kid friends" the entire time.  The sun was out all day and it was so nice to get them fresh air again!  We let the kids all hang out together outside and play with their new toys.  Pretty successful party I'd say.

20111217 7872
20111217 7869

Afterwards we had to go to the store and the boys were getting quite a few delighted glances from passers-by.  Tristan, being the hambone that he is, thoroughly enjoyed it and flashed his crooked smile at anyone who made eyes contact with him.
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