Aranjuez Revisited

Our friends will be moving soon (does this story sound familiar?) so we went to Aranjuez again for a "last hurrah" and some great photo ops.  I won't be sharing their photo shoot until after Christmas so they can surprise people with the cards.

First stop was coffee.  Oh sweet nectar of life.  The boys had a plate of chips to keep them busy while we slowly slipped our delicious brew.  They didn't last very long.

20111208 12643

After that we walked around the city and the parks for a couple hours and the boys went completely nuts.  We'd all been to Aranjuez before, but only had time to see the huge garden.  Well this time we saw the palaces and fountains!  I'm glad they got to see it before they go back to the States.

20111208 12771

20111208 12645

20111208 12647

20111208 12648

Everyone got ridiculously hungry and, luckily for us, it was a Spanish holiday so the restaurants were still open after 4pm.  As we were eating our early dinner a thick fog rolled in around us.  It was like a snow day or something.

20111208 12783

We were running and playing in the fog like little kids.  Jamie was so excited she fell.  I snapped pictures because... well, you can see why.  Everything was just so stinkin' cool.  It was such a great day! :)

20111208 12795

20111208 12794

20111208 12802

20111208 12814

20111208 12804

20111208 12818
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