Noah's Holiday Concert

20111216 7855

Noah's big Christmas concert was yesterday.  He was still feeling a tad under the weather, but he cried when I suggested he not go to school and pleaded "Mommy my stomach is fine, it's perfect!".  He also said his farts were so hot they actually like melted his poop.  If you really think about it, that's pretty awesome that a 7yr old still had no idea what diarrhea was!  He's not sick very often to be sure.  Anyway, back to the concert!  It was adorable as per usual.  Noah was definitely the most entertaining 2nd grader up there.  By entertaining I mean misbehaving, of course, but the crazy ones make the concerts that much better to watch.

20111216 7850 20111216 7846

He did a lot of teasing.  He was surrounded by girls, probably to try and keep him chilled out.  Girls are always quick to step up and be a mom to anyone nearby ;)  Well, it almost worked.  Noah did a few pretty amazing poses.  Apparently he learned this "goat head rocker" one from a kid in his class.  I am fine with it.  It was hilarious.  We are proud to be the parents of the crazy kid at the concert.

20111216 7828 20111216 7851 20111216 7821 
20111216 7825 20111216 7826 20111216 7838

Noah never could find me up in the stands despite my freakish waving.  I guess I was too far back.  Optimum picture range though.  We were planning to bring him home with us after the concert, but he cued the waterworks again so we gave in and allowed him to stay at school the entire day.  He gets over sickness so quickly!  Meanwhile, Brennan was scaring the mommy-crap out of me for the past few days.  Yesterday and the day before he wouldn't get off the couch, wouldn't eat, and was trying to refuse fluids.  We were persistent with his fluids though and suddenly last night it was like a switch got flipped and he was Brennan again.  This morning he ate and ate, drank a lot of water and juice, and is teasing his brothers again.  We're so relieved he's finally better!  Five days of the stomach flu is a long time for a tiny little boy who is already thin.
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