Brennan the Clown

The other day I couldn't help but take pictures of Brennan all day long.  Josh was home sick with a nasty cold, but had a major dose of antibiotics to get him back on his feet so he was with us (and not contagious) all day.  The novelty of having Daddy home on a weekday, which meant an equal parent to kid ratio, was enough to send this little Daddy's boy into a whirlwind of ridiculously adorable antics.

20120221 8190

He bobbed around all day, butting into our conversations with his own important news bulletins like "dinosaurs have bones" or "I farted" or "you're making lunch".  Each exciting revelation was accompanied by an over exaggerated facial expression and then a ginormous grin.  One day I have to write down all the stuff he says.  I always think I couldn't possibly forget it because it's just too damn cute, but then I do.

20120221 8195

He's been getting himself dressed recently, and this day Tristan assisted him so they were both cloud-9 proud of their accomplishments at the start of our day, which is never a bad thing.  Brennan later slinked off into the playroom for a costume change and settled on a sleek black and white number, which happens to be the shirt Grandpa B used to wear when he reffed soccer.  It was quite slimming... the choice to wear it backwards was tres chic. 

20120221 8192

Our laughter prompted a lot of running and giggling.  Daddy made chase, which lead to more laughs.  Bren was playing "catch me with the camera" with me, teasing me to try and take a picture of him.  I always win that game ;)

20120221 8191
20120221 8188

Things wound down a bit when Noah came home.  Brennan latched onto Daddy for some cuddles and tickles, and then eventually made his way over to Noah to say hello.  More "camera tag", and I won again.

20120221 8184
20120221 8182

Brennan was so exhausted by dinner that he passed out at the table.  I tried waking him up to no avail.  So... I took pictures, of course, and then carted him off to bed.

20120221 8177

Not to be outdone, Noah lost his top tooth while we were eating dessert that night.  He said "WOAH!  MOMMY" and I said "did you just lose your tooth?!" he replied "YESSSssss" (it's hard to type the sound a missing front tooth makes) "I thought it was a crunchy strawberry!".  Tristan was as excited as Noah.  Although we discovered Tristan has a very real fear of blood, no matter the source.  His initial shock wore off and he was relieved to see his big brother was going to survive after all.

20120221 8134
20120221 8133

What have we learned?  Sometimes sick days can be great days too.

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