From Groundhogs to Valentines

I've been off-blog for so long I had to look up where I left off. Just so happens it was the end of January. We've been sorta busy the past couple weeks of February. Tax return time is when we get Josh his new wardrobe and everyone gets at least one pair of shoes. We also got winter clothes, a tire, printer ribbons, and nestled away some into savings. Our crappy Spanish internet has been especially crappy lately so it's hard for me to update and upload, but it seems to be working at this current hour so ima try to get this done!

 It's been too cold outside to really commit to Saturday's Unplugged so we've started weekend movie marathons instead, complete with a themed dinner. The complete opposite of "Unplugged" yes, but so much fun! We did a Back to the Future marathon and had our whole roasted no one calls me a chicken, Mayor Goldie Wilson's sweet corn with thyme (he has that gold tooth, reminded me of corn), and Miss Clara's fried potatoes. We've also been doing some fun Italian foods with our Rocky marathon. I think next Shrek would be interesting... onions would be involved... and parfaits. I've been kinda obsessed with photography lately and have been using it to help force myself out of my comfort zone and explore Spain more. It helps to have a fellow foodie photog friend (with 2 boys close in age to ours). We took our cameras to the grocery store :O

February 1st - 20120201 7983

I took pictures at the mall :O

20120211 8050

She showed me her olive oil and honey store and told us about Alcala de Henares.

20120201 7975

 I brought her to my tosta bar in Brunete and introduced her to the joys of Idiazabal cheese with lomo.

February 10th - 20120210 8058

We're taking a big roadtrip together with all our boys (and camera gear) and I'm uber excited about it. Josh can't go, and that would normally stop me, but now I have someone else to go with me so I don't have to miss this! I've been planning it for months. Josh has been exploring with us a little closer to home though :) We went to the nearby city Alcala de Henares, the birthplace of Miguel Cervantes (who wrote Don Quixote).

20120204 13467

 There was a church named San Felipe Neri, which is significant to a certain MIL I know ;) It was beautiful inside!

20120204 13473 20120204 13482

 We had brunch in a cool little bar across from the gorgeous cathedral.

20120204 8019 20120204 8017

 There was a free archaeology museum, which was great because it was freezing cold outside.

20120204 13496 20120204 13502 20120204 13488
 We got a lot of info from the tourism office to plan another trip. It was a pretty fun day. We need to go back when the weather is better and we have more time to explore.

20120204 8009

 Here are some more little glimpses into our February thus far! :)

20120207 8068 February 2nd - 20120202 8002 February 15th - 20120215 8029 20120215 8041

20120202 7996

There are plenty more pictures.  You can find them on the sidebar or check out the February set on flickr.
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