Long Weekend Adventuring - #1

As excited as the prospect of traveling is to a couple of photog mama's, the reality of "herding turtles" or dealing with rapid child mood swings means a little closer to home is sometimes better.  We're warming up to a longer trip, and I think our offspring are adjusting quite nicely.  Our first adventure with Goober & Bug and Mama C was right around the corner at the Palacio de Boadilla.  We were gracious enough to allow for 3 hours of fun at a local playground where we got to gab with other moms and make new friends.  We eased them into lunch out together by sticking with what we know.  Then we ventured out for a photography walk in my town of Boadilla del Monte.

20120222 8161
20120222 8163

Overall the kids did fine.  They were a little rambunctious and whiney, but I think it was the time spent at the playground that was to blame for their misbehavior.  A little too much energy was expelled before the boring walking and stopping we moms expected from them.  

20120222 8167
20120222 8165

Everything we came in contact with was treated as playground equipment: concrete stairs were a slide, fountains were jungle gyms, roadblocks were monkey bars.   They never stopped running.

20120222 8166
20120222 8136
20120222 8140

Behind the palace there are abandoned buildings that once served as stables.  They might not be the safest place to take kids, but no one got hurt.  All of them were awestruck at the gaping holes in the walls and ceilings.  They couldn't believe someone would still live in a building in this condition and spoke earnestly about the repairs he should make to his house.  Our life lesson on homelessness was maybe not well-understood, but it was heard.  We felt a bit intrusive so we left to make our way back home.

February 22nd - 20120222 8151
20120222 8148
20120222 8156
20120222 8143
20120222 8144

We went back to my place for some dinner and chill time and finalized plans for the following day.  Planning is a good thing.
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