Crazy Babies

Yesterday Tristan climbed into Brennan's crib again and caused a ruckus. He was jumping around and diving face-first onto the mattress, which made Brennan burst out laughing. Then Brennan tried to jump on his own. His feet never left the bed, but he did manage to shake the crib a whole lot, moving it at least 6 inches from the wall. I couldn't get a video with my 50mm because I was too close, but I think the pictures are just fine. I love how our crib has teeth marks from baby Noah and Tristan on it haha. Soon Brennan will leave his mark as well.

Brennan appears to be getting a 3rd tooth. He's been more difficult lately (which for him is really nothing at all). I can't seem to get him to take a nap and he's only content when he's standing up or getting into trouble. I remember this uber-curious stage. Time for some more trips out of the house to appease his sponge-like brain! Gone are the days of infancy, gone are the 3 long naps. Now he's a baby and will only be taking one nap in the afternoon. Goodbye nap! I'll miss you :( He'll be 9mos old in 3 days! My how time flies.

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