Daddy and His Boys

Today there was a fair amount of baseball throwing and hitting, a bit of tickling, some train track building, and general boy revelry in the playroom. Everything started out quite innocent... Tristan wanted to throw the ball to Daddy. Daddy hit the ball back to Tristan who squealed with excitement while aimlessly swatting the air with his tiny plastic glove. Then Noah wanted to get involved. Noah is very high energy so pretty much anything he does will include some running and jumping, and inevitably crying at least once. Josh was inspired to whack himself in the noggin with the bat. Tristan, being a monkey, did the same. One hit with the bat, 2 hits, more laughing, laughing, and more laughing... a ball was thrown, Daddy got hit. Daddy retaliated and all hell broke loose. Noah dived behind the art easel to use it as a mobile shield, Tristan followed. Little hackey sacks were flying back and forth at an alarming rate. Noah and Tristan would take turns popping their heads out of the sides to try and hit Josh. They always aim for his face haha. Fun times. Boys are great :D

Brennan was crawling around the whole time, quite content to have free reign over whatever articles weren't being thrown. He never suffered a direct or indirect hit, thankfully. They were careful, but crazy :) The other day we had the tunnels out again and Bren darted in and out of them as fast as Tristan at times. He follows his big brothers around already and is fearless. He started pulling up to standing this weekend and refuses to stop. A few times I heard him crying for help in his crib because he had stood up and doesn't quite have the dismount figured out yet. I'd lay him back down and he'd go to sleep haha. Also of note! Brennan's other bottom tooth is out and reeking havoc on fingers, Gerber puffs, chunks of fruit, and various other dinnertime scraps. He's a happy happy boy. Definitely going through a growth spurt! He's a bottomless pit right now so I guess those teeth came in right on time :)


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