Fun With Friends and Snowy Weather

We finally got one good decent snow here in Madrid! It snowed about 6 inches one night and stuck through the next day, which was enough to cancel all work and school. It's been raining since then and most of the snow has melted, but the kids got to have a snowball fight with Daddy all the same :) I don't have any pictures of them playing because I took that opportunity to go grocery shopping with Kevin, sans bebes... it was great. Kevin and Josh just left for the airport to pick up Kev's friend Adriana. She'll be here for a week and we're planning a trip to Morocco over the weekend. So excited!!! :D We're also planning a little get-together at our house, which should also be outstanding. Friends are wonderful :)

The boys are doing great. Tristan is learning and using more words every day. He's ridiculously adorable, just like his brothers. I am uploading a video of him being Tristan for everyone... playing in the laundry basket. He's such a goofball! We're working on sharing and becoming independent. After Noah I never thought independence would be something I would actually have to teach a boy, but Tristan definitely doesn't like doing things on his own.

I am pretty sure Brennan is comfortable with his current form of transportation: the Army low crawl. He loves trolling around the playroom, grabbing whatever he can find that will fit into his mouth. He's starting to pull up to his knees, trying his best to work up to standing. The other day I walked into his room and his little baby hands were gripping the rail facing the door, only his eyes and the top of his head reached over the side... he was rocking and cooing and drooling with joy. I nearly died from cuteness overload when I walked in and saw him. He looked like a much cuter version of Kilroy. He also has a newfound love for the jumper. He's been eating a lot more solid foods, but I'm also still feeding him myself just as often. He's beyond amazing... most easy-going baby EVER. I suspect he would make even the most reluctant person want to have a baby hahaha!

Noah's back to school and thrilled about it. He went through a hard time with reading for awhile there but suddenly he just gets it. He read all 64 pages of "Hop On Pop" to me the other day and wanted more. Hooray!!! He's finally looking at the words instead of guessing by looking at the pictures. Today he informed us that he is no longer friends with a boy in his class because Noah wanted to be friends with the new girl and this boy did not... so Noah befriended the new girl and ditched his old buddy. We're so proud of him for welcoming someone new and making her feel accepted despite pressure from his peers. Yay Noah!! He had a great time showing his cousin Haleigh's Flat Stanley around downtown Madrid too!

Josh and I are fantastic, still loving the Spanish life and each other very much :) We're up to season 5 of "24" already and have successfully roped Kevin into the intrigues of Jack Bauer and CTU, LA. We play games and talk til the wee hours every night after the kids go down. It's nice to have a fellow cheese-lover here! We've tried at least 10 different Spanish cheeses thus far while Josh is at work (he hates cheese) and the kids are napping. It's also nice to have a fellow photog around to take pics of us (with ME in them hahaha). Kev's still getting used to my camera (it's a Nikon and he's a Canon guy). I'm looking forward to taking TONS of pictures in Morocco!! In the meantime we are all enjoying each others company here at home :) Just wanted to drop a line to everyone! Don't forget to check out the video of Tristan on the sidebar.

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