Christmas 2009

This year was our first family Christmas at home. The other 6 we were either apart or somewhere else visiting. Banner year for us! We're still ironing out what our traditions will be, but I think we've settled on a few main ones.

On Christmas Eve we made some delightful green, red, and swirly sugar cookies for St. Nick (and of course ourselves). This will definitely be an every year thing. Christmas cookies on Christmas Eve. I don't know if they'll be sugar cookies every time, but there shall be cookies! We put out hot cocoa, 2 special snowman cookies, and a carrot for Santa and crew. We also opened one family present. The boys slept in a tent in their room. We put bells on the door so that Santa would hear them if they come out... and you know what that means, HE'LL LEAVE! :O During the night Bosley ran past their room to his bed, jingling his tags all the way, and we heard excited whispers and giggles. We told them you better go to sleep! Santa will be here any second! That's why we're going to bed now! They were back in the tent with the quickness.

On Christmas Day we opened all the other gifts, saving Santa's for last. Santa always gives one big present and fills stockings for us. Santa brought Noah a huge transformer that's actually 6 transformers put together. Tristan got a big playmobil airplane. There was a whole lot more... it'll be strewn all over the place for the next few months. A playmobil castle for Noah, an Imaginext helicopter for Tristan, walkie-talkies, transformers, a tent with tunnel, baseball bat, Bakugan, motorcycles, Mr. Potato Head... they're so spoiled. They had a wonderful Christmas :)

Josh made lamb for dinner and I made sage sausage stuffing to go with it and some green beans. Lamb dinner will definitely be a new tradition of ours. Lamb is expensive back in the states, but it's only once a year :) Everything was delicious. I meant to make an apple pie, but I never got around to it. I will probably still make one sometime during the holiday break. My apple pie rocks (thank you!).

The kids are destroying the playroom and putting it back together every day. They got the tent out and I connected the tunnels together. They've been crawling and rolling and yelling and having a grand ol' time. I took some videos (they're on the sidebar). Even Brennan joined in the fun! He crawled all the way through the tunnels twice.

Kevin is visiting and will be here until mid-January. HOORAY!! We're so happy we had such a close friend here with us to bring in the New Year. We all went to a little house party and played Taboo, met some new people, and learned about the traditions of the Madrileno New Year celebration. We've been having a lot of fun just relaxing and talking, but are planning a few trips while he's here.

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