Bus Rides

Now that the van is in the shop I've become increasingly familiar with the local public transportation system here in Madrid. It actually is pretty fun... for now... I'm sure that will die once I have to go grocery shopping. We could take Josh's car, but as luck would have it we had yet another fender bender and the radiator was cracked in the process meaning the car overheats quickly and is not the safest thing in the world to drive. At least it's still driveable-ish haha. Once we get the van back we'll be bringing the car in for repairs. Aaaaanyway... my point... we took the bus to downtown Boadilla the other day for some ice cream. As Noah put it "it's a perfect hot sunny day for some ice cream".

20100630 3823

20100630 3819

20100630 3805

20100630 3807

Basically we got out of the pool, got dressed, and hit the bus downtown (which would explain my hair and face). We had a fine time inhaling our frozen treats as the sun was beginning to set (it finally goes down around 10pm here). Then we walked back to the bus stop and waited in the sun for our bus to come back around. It was hot... the chilly ice cream sensation was gone before we even got to the bus stop. Thankfully we had a bottle of cold water (that everyone was clamoring over). Brennan got to walk around and point out trees. Tristan was tired so he just kept crying over every tiny thing that did or didn't happen. Noah was sugared up and crazy. At the bus stop they were climbing trees, running around, playing in the dirt... but that was not enough to burn off all that energy apparently. Yet, all in all I think it was a successful venture out with the whole family via public trans.

20100630 3821

20100630 3810

20100630 3813

20100630 3816

Today we went back out by bus, just Adriana and I with all 3 boys. Tristan was a pain again, but we still got things accomplished and were even able to enjoy a coffee. The hardest part was trying to get the stroller onto the bus!

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