Soccer Saturday!!

Last Saturday was a world cup game for Spain so Adriana and I took the older boys with us to watch the magic happen. Unfortunately, we couldn't get as far as we wanted so we had to settle for downtown Boadilla. Boadilla is a very boring place, but it's still better than sitting at home!! We drew Spanish flags on our faces and away we went... on the bus (which has lost it's appeal. We're still thankful for the readily available travel option, but sometimes it's frustrating).

20100703 3844

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The bars were packed with people, struggling to catch a glimpse of the game. We found a table in back that gave us an ok view of the game. There were enough Spaniards there hooting and hollering for us to know what was going on ;) We got some Spanish snack foods: Russian salad (potato, tuna, carrots, peas, and olives mixed with mayo) and bocadillos with jamon (baguette and cured ham).

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I should have brought my 18-105 instead of the 50mm, but I made do. Everyone was decked out in red and yellow, painted faces, wearing flags as capes. Tristan was his normal whiney self. Our plan is to continue taking him out, staying late, and eventually he will adapt and become more social and laid back (like a Spaniard). Noah was his normal self. He played with Spanish kids in the square the entire night, running back to us once in awhile for a drink or some potato chips. Everyone out here brings their kids out with them no matter what time it is. They are part of the family and they do what the rest of the family does. It's summer and the sun doesn't set until after 10 so it's very common to see babies out that late.

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There were a few intense moments in the game, but Spain triumphed over Paraguay in the end and the city erupted in celebration well into the wee hours of the morning. They were yelling and cheering, setting off fireworks, singing, laughing, dancing. I got some videos of traditional Spanish futbol cheers that I will upload soon!

20100703 3838

The last bus home was at 11:30 and by then the kids were exhausted. Tristan and Noah sat together. Tris laid down on Noah's lap while Noah sang him the Itsy Bitsy Spider song and rubbed his head. Brought tears to my eyes! I love my babies!! When we finally got home Josh had just put Brennan down after watching the game together. Maybe next time we'll just bring everyone... like a typical Spanish family. But, out to Brunete or someplace equally cool where they bring the flat screens outside so everyone can watch the game. We had a lot of fun!! It was beneficial to be so close to home. Dang, I miss my van! Oh by the way I finally got a haircut ;)
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