Movies and Mischief

Brennan reminds me more of Noah every day. He's insane and determined, very difficult to watch... if you haven't already had one just like him ;) Brennan is the type of child who never forgets EVER. If he wants to throw something in the pool and you say no he will scream and twist and run to keep getting back to the pool. He will do this for DAYS. Not because he's bad, but because his brain is preoccupied with observing results... testing the world around him. So, what do we do? We let him. If it's not dangerous, it's not worth the fight or the stress. He is relentless!! I'm sure he'll be climbing chairs and releasing deadbolts soon enough!

20100706 3868

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20100706 3869

Yesterday all Brennan wanted to do was put the dog's food into his water, and then into a bucket, and then back into his dish. No harm can come of this so I let him. Sure, he popped a few into his mouth and then right back out. It's just dog food. Gross? yes, toxic? no. Bosley quietly looked on, waiting for his food to be "available"... when all was said and done I gave him an extra treat for his patience. Brennan grabbed food out of his mouth and Bos never made a sound or aggressive movement at all. Best dog EVER. So, that's Bren's new modus operandi - keep everyone on their toes. I'm glad I already had Noah. Now I have to teach Josh how to handle an insanely curious and stubborn child... just give up, watch, laugh, and take pictures. They're not kids forever!!

20100706 3860

We've finally been having the high temperatures we were expecting from a Madrid summer. So we rolled out the old AC units. We have a 4 bedroom house, but only 2 air conditioners. Usually the grown ups sweat it out and the boys get the AC. Last night, however we shared :) Josh doesn't have to be at work today so we celebrated with a family movie night!!! We started off with 3 kinds of ice cream for dessert: chocolate truffle, strawberry, and vanilla. Then the kids got their baths. Brennan went to sleep in his bed (with one of the AC units).

20100706 3855

20100706 3858

Tristan, Noah and their AC unit moved into our room with us. Josh had twizzlers, carmel corn, and popcorn all ready to go. Tristan didn't last long. Noah watched the entire movie and then was off to bed. We couldn't get the AC to cool our room off... it just wasn't working fast enough. The boys' room is much smaller so we rolled it back over to them and sweat ourselves to sleep. Literally. Today we might go buy another AC unit.

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